While enjoying my paper

thPJCDGJG2As I sat there underneath the sun of the early morning light, reading my newspaper and listening to nature waking up and starting its day. Just sitting there enjoying the simplicity of the moment, moments like these are best spent rendering and basking in tis beauty. Lovely as the day is long. The night before it had rain, making that early summer morning glistening and refreshing. It was simply perfect; everyone was still asleep so that all was quiet nothing to disturb this moment. It is amazing how incredibly pure life can be when everything is settled and left undisturbed.

As I was enjoying my early morning paper, I heard the most unbelievable noise. Something like out of a movie or something. I could ton believe that I heard such a thing. It was incredible. As I jump to rush outside to see what had was going on, I hear in the background my house awakening as well. Surely, this pose to be the most uncommon and unusual alarm clock.

Quickly I make it outside and survey the area for damages made. I noticed that the tree in front of my house have fallen. Yes, it has fallen onto my garage. With our cars parked in side of it.   Aww the damage they host have succumb to. Now I have to call my insurance company and see what I am to do next.

It is incredible how quickly life can change, in one moment everything is peaceful and clear the next it is covered in a tree and its trash.

That tree has done great damage. It has caved in the roof and lain across the top of both cars that has been parked in it. Both damaged beyond repair, I am sure of it looking at what it has left behind. There is glass all over the place and pieces of wood, broken shingles, and splinters.

I call my insurance company to see what I need to do to make a claim and what o call to have the tree removed. My insurance requested that I take pictures and submit them for a claim to be made. Later that day an agent will be sent out to evaluate our situation. Then she proceeded to recommend Wichita Tree Serviceto handle the removal of the tree. She said they are the best in the area and they always suggest them to people in need of reliable tree service.

That is exactly what I did. I took pictures call Wichita Tree Service and returned to make breakfast for my family. I am extremely grateful that the tree missed our house and landed on the garage instead and that no one was inside of it at the time. I think we all deserve a delicious breakfast and a day off.

Later on I am expecting to have everything taken care of, nice and neat. Then we can get started on rebuilding and purchasing new vehicles. Until then there is not much that I can do, except wait and see what is to become of my situation and me.

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