The Life I Imagine

images (9)All this time I have been living a lie. Yes, I wake up put my pants on one leg at a time, and then I step out into the world pretending to be something that I am not. Living a life that is not truly mine. Well, maybe it is not that much of an exaggeration but it sure does feel like that.

In the daytime, I live the life of a simple tree service woman. I wake up, dress, get my boots on, then I drive into work. I am given my routes for the day then it is off I go, taken care of people lawns and trees. Do not get me wrong it is a great job with a great employer. I mean I do enjoy what I do. In addition, I am great at it. That I know, from all the thank you cards and treats I receive from the clients.

Yes, it is nice being the best working at eh best company.   We are an award winning tree service. For the past fifteen years, according to the Tree Service and Cutting of America, we are number one in the industry. We use innovative techniques, top of the line tools, and ecofriendly material. It is not a bad life.

Even with that being said, what I really love, what I am truly passionate about is what I do at night. My night gig if you will. By day, I am your meager and simple tree cutter and at night, I am Gloria Menudo. The spicy Latin salsa singer and dancer.

Aw, how I love it! It is just so exhilarating. The people, the lights, the energy. It was keeps my blood boiling. The battery to my energizer bunny as it will.

After a long day working, tree cutting and pruning,, as well s trimming.   it just such a stress reliever to put on my sequin dress, step into my high heel stilettos then dance the night away.

At least that what I like to imagine myself doing. What can I say I have a terrific imagination? It so great I almost believed my story. However, I am simple girl that like simple things. One with a family and a home that requires my attention. After I am finished with a day at the job, I normally come home, help my kids with their homework, make dinner then get everyone ready for bed.

I admit it is more boring than the life I live in my head as a Latina salsa dancer and nightclub singer, moonlighting as a tree cutter. Alas, it is not so, I am a meager family person. Compared to the life I imagine it may be, I mean I really does look like that doesn’t it?

I would not change it for all the party dresses and nights of salsa ling in the world. Nothing can take away from the contentment I feel when I know I have done a full honest day’s work, one that I can be proud of. Then I come home to see my loving and caring family. Just ready to embrace me with the smiles and warmth.

It may not be much, but it is mine.

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