Following in Another’s Footsteps

thS6BZ4LLCSometimes I wonder what I would have done if I did not have to follow the family business. What greatness I may have achieved. I realized that these are some big what ifs and the chances of me ever doing anything other than what I am doing is unheard of. I mean I would never do that to my family, how could I; they all depend on me to keep this business chugging along and within our family. If I had decided to not follow suit and did my own thing, I am sure it would not still be around.

However sometimes I cant help but wonder what if, you know? Like what if I ddint have to run our AC Repair business and I was, I do not I know maybe a shoe Repair people. Well maybe not a shoe repairperson. Maybe a doctor, yes a doctor. Waking up each morning and saving someone’s life. Alternatively, helping cure some radical disease and be awarded the noble peace prize or maybe the person of the year by the entire world.

Who am I kidding I am an AC Repair person. It in my blood, business and HVAC. I live it, I breathe it, and I truly love it. All aspects of it, I enjoy going out on calls. Interacting with the customers, the mechanical side of it, and the business aspects. I love my location and that it has been in my family for years. My father and Uncle started this business when they were young and newly married. Right now, I am operating the business until my cousins become old enough to work here as well.

If I am honest, we are the best in the area. I do mean the best, my father and uncle pride themselves in being efficient, clean, orderly, and fair. Sons of immigrants they know what it is to have nothing. To struggle each day, hoping that that day you will be able to feed your family. Without having, the lights off by the power company or receiving an eviction noticed for the umpteenth time. Yes, in the beginning, there was great struggle but now we are doing great.

I am projecting that in the next three years we will be able to open up two locations and expand our services and business throughout the entire state and not just in our county. Everything seems to be lining up just as I had hope. This year we will open up our second location, then next year another one, and the year after that one more. Then we can see how well everything will do and if we need to expand even further or think about a franchise.

All in all, I cannot imagine doing anything else but what I am doing. I have fantasied, every rarely about quitting the family business and going my own way. Maybe open up a bakery and sell fresh bread and pastries. In some type of retro, hipster type of place. Yes, this has crossed my mind a time or two but I always think about what I would be giving up and whom I would disappoint. In addition, I just cannot do it. Here I am working hard to be the best AC Repair business in the state.

I think I might just do it too, you all watch and see.

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