Do Not Restrict Yourself: When it comes to home design the sky is the limit

thQZ9T3FHHI love my house, I mean it too. It has so much character and little touches that it definitely is a hundred percent my crib. From the custom light fixtures, to the bold paint choices and wallpaper patterns. Even kitchen has custom-built cabins, a one of a kind hardwood counter tops, and a beautiful rustic looking kitchen island.

What is better than owning your own house? Is doing all of the work yourself. It is a great feeling to look at a wall and remember all the sweat that you put into it. It is one of those things that give you an automatic satisfaction. Something that I do not always feel in other aspects of my life. However, not when it comes to my home remodels. I am getting so good at it that I have been approached to design and construct rooms in my friends and families homes.

One thing about doing all your designs and construction yourself and when people know it I am always approached with questions. Different things from how can I change the feel of a room without a complete remodel. What is the best location for my furniture? How do I change paint colors and what if I like more than one? Are there anything I can do if I am working with a very small budget, emphasis on the very small?

Here are questions that I am constantly asked:

Choose whatever paint floats your boat

I know many people will want you to pick colors that flow and compliments one another blah, blah, blah. Look at nature. It is the most perfect color balanced visual aid we have, no matter what color is paired with what color it all seem to look great, right? I hold this same philosophy with home painting and redecorating. Go with what you love. There that is it. The reason my home design works for me because it is what I want and what I like. The same will hold true for you.

With some many different paint colors and wallpapers design, you will always find something that fits you.

How to work with a small budget

A small budget is never been a problem. Many of the things in my home that has doubled as furniture’s and things were things that I salvage or they were given to me. You just have to have an eye for repurposing. On the other hand, have a friend or something that does.

Take my desk for instance. Yes, the very one I am typing this on. It was once a bamboo curio, you know one of those things that folks put their dishes and things in. Well I was using it as a bookshelf but did not like the way it looked and the space it took up. However, I still like the design and the overall look it has, so I decided to cut it in half and make a desktop for it. Now it is a beautiful custom office desk. That is just plain gorgeous. It is one of my favorited pieces in my house.


When it comes to home decorating and furnishing the only limitation is your imagination. Really, the sky is the limit. If you do something that, you do not as if you can always paint over it or give it away.

Do not put restrictions where there is no need for them.

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