My baby, My beauty

thTCW7X2K2Many people do not know this about me but for sport, I enjoy racing cars. Yes, I am a speed race as it may. I got started when I was young, my older would race his supped up Chevy’s, on the old high schools track and field track. He and a few of ahis friends. Because our parents both worked, I more often than not accompany him. Rather he wanted me to or not. My parents always left me in the care of my older brother.

How happy I was to go with him, he just does not know how much I have cherished these moments from my childhood. When I think back to my childhood, I immediately remember those races. It was amazing.

When I was old enough I started keeping my own flock of Chevy’s and Buicks. Although I had to change my location of racing. Since my brother was racing and to my own racing adventures those old high school track and field track have since then been turn into a supermarket. However, that did not slow done the racers. Since I was sixteen I have been racing behind the Walmart super store. There is a large empty parking lot from the strip mall that use to be there before Walmart came and scared them away. So much for the old mom and pop stores.

On the other hand, we take to the old country road. Long and straight perfect for drag races. These are wonderful in particular at night when they are not really in use, and the police do not really bother to police. Mostly because I think, they have funny jurisdiction and only state police officers can really do anything about it. They have their hand full with real crime, I guess. Anyway, I love it.

I have not slowed down since. Right now, I have five cars. Two I use for everyday use and the other three are my racing cars. I must say they are fast and beautiful. Totally custom, super supped up and ready to boogie.

My first car I ever bought and my first love, is my nineteen eighty-one Chevy Malibu. I bought at from a neighbor when I was fifteen for hundred dollars. It was missing a windshield, battery, the motor was in a barn behind the house, no seats except the driver seat but that did not have a seatbelt. I mean it was a real Junker.

However, for a struggling fifteen year old it was a steal. That and the fact that I am a mechanical whiz and my father and uncle have a mechanic shop. In addition, my older brother promised to help me rebuild it.

In six months we had rebuild the motor, cam, replaced the windshield, installed seats with seatbelts that actual work, we really just did complete makeover on the vehicle. Had it painted a beautiful mauve color with a matching interior? That car was and still is a beauty.

Over the years, I have added turbo nitro, dual exhaust, a new cam and headers, racing peril lies tires.   Now this thing is fast. In addition, I am still not done. It seems that as long as I keep living that car keeps changing. With technology and people creating new things to make care faster, lighter, and dare I say prettier I cannot help but keep it upgraded.

The only thing that I have not changed over the years is the color, what can I say it is a lovely color completely unique to me. When people see my car they who it belongs to, there is no question.

While enjoying my paper

thPJCDGJG2As I sat there underneath the sun of the early morning light, reading my newspaper and listening to nature waking up and starting its day. Just sitting there enjoying the simplicity of the moment, moments like these are best spent rendering and basking in tis beauty. Lovely as the day is long. The night before it had rain, making that early summer morning glistening and refreshing. It was simply perfect; everyone was still asleep so that all was quiet nothing to disturb this moment. It is amazing how incredibly pure life can be when everything is settled and left undisturbed.

As I was enjoying my early morning paper, I heard the most unbelievable noise. Something like out of a movie or something. I could ton believe that I heard such a thing. It was incredible. As I jump to rush outside to see what had was going on, I hear in the background my house awakening as well. Surely, this pose to be the most uncommon and unusual alarm clock.

Quickly I make it outside and survey the area for damages made. I noticed that the tree in front of my house have fallen. Yes, it has fallen onto my garage. With our cars parked in side of it.   Aww the damage they host have succumb to. Now I have to call my insurance company and see what I am to do next.

It is incredible how quickly life can change, in one moment everything is peaceful and clear the next it is covered in a tree and its trash.

That tree has done great damage. It has caved in the roof and lain across the top of both cars that has been parked in it. Both damaged beyond repair, I am sure of it looking at what it has left behind. There is glass all over the place and pieces of wood, broken shingles, and splinters.

I call my insurance company to see what I need to do to make a claim and what o call to have the tree removed. My insurance requested that I take pictures and submit them for a claim to be made. Later that day an agent will be sent out to evaluate our situation. Then she proceeded to recommend Wichita Tree Serviceto handle the removal of the tree. She said they are the best in the area and they always suggest them to people in need of reliable tree service.

That is exactly what I did. I took pictures call Wichita Tree Service and returned to make breakfast for my family. I am extremely grateful that the tree missed our house and landed on the garage instead and that no one was inside of it at the time. I think we all deserve a delicious breakfast and a day off.

Later on I am expecting to have everything taken care of, nice and neat. Then we can get started on rebuilding and purchasing new vehicles. Until then there is not much that I can do, except wait and see what is to become of my situation and me.

Take it Easy

th0GCMEOGCThere is nothing wrong with treated oneself. Why deprived yourself from something as great as some sort of personal pleasure?   I work had for all that I have, as the saying goes work hard, play hard. That is what I intend. What I do. Whenever I feel a bit melancholy, I like to do something to brighten up my day. A treat for myself. Something out of the ordinary. It ranges of course but always something fun, frivolous, and carefree. Whatever to make the day feel special and my heart light.

One thing that I enjoy to do on such a day is what most of us like to do, no matter if you are man or woman. Is to go shopping. Something it is for clothes, other times something for my house, one time I bought a paintball gun and joined a paintball tournament. It was so much fun and such a great stress reliever. It is always nice to treat yourself to a little something every occasionally. Granted I am unable to do this all the time but when I am it is such a pleasure.

Another thing I like to do when I am feeling a bit blue. Is some type of physical activity? This is especially true when I am low on funds but still in need of a pick me up. Sometimes I like to take long walks other times I enjoy a nice swim. On the other hand, join a pickup game of basketball. Exercise have been known to give those that chose to do it great endorphins, those feel good feelings that once feels naturally. Something that we all seek. Whatever the case, it works. If not I lose, a little bit of weight and that is always a good thing, right?

This last one is something I save for those days when I am really overwhelm and in need. This is when I am particularly low or just overwhelm and stress at trying to build an empire and such. A wonderful day of pampering and bliss and day filled of deep soak, deep tissue massages, hot stones, and detox mud baths. That is what everyone a delectable spa day.

I go to my favorite day spa, I turn my phone off, I don’t even let anyone know where I am just in case they try to hunt me down. The only person that knows which spa I go to and where I am on one of these days of pamper is my mother. She knows how hard I work and how much I need this time to myself. She never would dream of bothering me, if it is something important than she knows how to reach me otherwise I am off to the world.

Everyone is in need of a little bit of comfort and pampering. No matter who the person is, it is wonderful. Whenever a person feels overwhelm and unable to progress through the hardships that this life sometimes beholds. We must take a step back, relax, and then plan our next move. There no need to rush or to succumb to weakness. Over my years, this is something that has always proven true to my life and me.

The Life I Imagine

images (9)All this time I have been living a lie. Yes, I wake up put my pants on one leg at a time, and then I step out into the world pretending to be something that I am not. Living a life that is not truly mine. Well, maybe it is not that much of an exaggeration but it sure does feel like that.

In the daytime, I live the life of a simple tree service woman. I wake up, dress, get my boots on, then I drive into work. I am given my routes for the day then it is off I go, taken care of people lawns and trees. Do not get me wrong it is a great job with a great employer. I mean I do enjoy what I do. In addition, I am great at it. That I know, from all the thank you cards and treats I receive from the clients.

Yes, it is nice being the best working at eh best company.   We are an award winning tree service. For the past fifteen years, according to the Tree Service and Cutting of America, we are number one in the industry. We use innovative techniques, top of the line tools, and ecofriendly material. It is not a bad life.

Even with that being said, what I really love, what I am truly passionate about is what I do at night. My night gig if you will. By day, I am your meager and simple tree cutter and at night, I am Gloria Menudo. The spicy Latin salsa singer and dancer.

Aw, how I love it! It is just so exhilarating. The people, the lights, the energy. It was keeps my blood boiling. The battery to my energizer bunny as it will.

After a long day working, tree cutting and pruning,, as well s trimming.   it just such a stress reliever to put on my sequin dress, step into my high heel stilettos then dance the night away.

At least that what I like to imagine myself doing. What can I say I have a terrific imagination? It so great I almost believed my story. However, I am simple girl that like simple things. One with a family and a home that requires my attention. After I am finished with a day at the job, I normally come home, help my kids with their homework, make dinner then get everyone ready for bed.

I admit it is more boring than the life I live in my head as a Latina salsa dancer and nightclub singer, moonlighting as a tree cutter. Alas, it is not so, I am a meager family person. Compared to the life I imagine it may be, I mean I really does look like that doesn’t it?

I would not change it for all the party dresses and nights of salsa ling in the world. Nothing can take away from the contentment I feel when I know I have done a full honest day’s work, one that I can be proud of. Then I come home to see my loving and caring family. Just ready to embrace me with the smiles and warmth.

It may not be much, but it is mine.

Following in Another’s Footsteps

thS6BZ4LLCSometimes I wonder what I would have done if I did not have to follow the family business. What greatness I may have achieved. I realized that these are some big what ifs and the chances of me ever doing anything other than what I am doing is unheard of. I mean I would never do that to my family, how could I; they all depend on me to keep this business chugging along and within our family. If I had decided to not follow suit and did my own thing, I am sure it would not still be around.

However sometimes I cant help but wonder what if, you know? Like what if I ddint have to run our AC Repair business and I was, I do not I know maybe a shoe Repair people. Well maybe not a shoe repairperson. Maybe a doctor, yes a doctor. Waking up each morning and saving someone’s life. Alternatively, helping cure some radical disease and be awarded the noble peace prize or maybe the person of the year by the entire world.

Who am I kidding I am an AC Repair person. It in my blood, business and HVAC. I live it, I breathe it, and I truly love it. All aspects of it, I enjoy going out on calls. Interacting with the customers, the mechanical side of it, and the business aspects. I love my location and that it has been in my family for years. My father and Uncle started this business when they were young and newly married. Right now, I am operating the business until my cousins become old enough to work here as well.

If I am honest, we are the best in the area. I do mean the best, my father and uncle pride themselves in being efficient, clean, orderly, and fair. Sons of immigrants they know what it is to have nothing. To struggle each day, hoping that that day you will be able to feed your family. Without having, the lights off by the power company or receiving an eviction noticed for the umpteenth time. Yes, in the beginning, there was great struggle but now we are doing great.

I am projecting that in the next three years we will be able to open up two locations and expand our services and business throughout the entire state and not just in our county. Everything seems to be lining up just as I had hope. This year we will open up our second location, then next year another one, and the year after that one more. Then we can see how well everything will do and if we need to expand even further or think about a franchise.

All in all, I cannot imagine doing anything else but what I am doing. I have fantasied, every rarely about quitting the family business and going my own way. Maybe open up a bakery and sell fresh bread and pastries. In some type of retro, hipster type of place. Yes, this has crossed my mind a time or two but I always think about what I would be giving up and whom I would disappoint. In addition, I just cannot do it. Here I am working hard to be the best AC Repair business in the state.

I think I might just do it too, you all watch and see.

Do Not Restrict Yourself: When it comes to home design the sky is the limit

thQZ9T3FHHI love my house, I mean it too. It has so much character and little touches that it definitely is a hundred percent my crib. From the custom light fixtures, to the bold paint choices and wallpaper patterns. Even kitchen has custom-built cabins, a one of a kind hardwood counter tops, and a beautiful rustic looking kitchen island.

What is better than owning your own house? Is doing all of the work yourself. It is a great feeling to look at a wall and remember all the sweat that you put into it. It is one of those things that give you an automatic satisfaction. Something that I do not always feel in other aspects of my life. However, not when it comes to my home remodels. I am getting so good at it that I have been approached to design and construct rooms in my friends and families homes.

One thing about doing all your designs and construction yourself and when people know it I am always approached with questions. Different things from how can I change the feel of a room without a complete remodel. What is the best location for my furniture? How do I change paint colors and what if I like more than one? Are there anything I can do if I am working with a very small budget, emphasis on the very small?

Here are questions that I am constantly asked:

Choose whatever paint floats your boat

I know many people will want you to pick colors that flow and compliments one another blah, blah, blah. Look at nature. It is the most perfect color balanced visual aid we have, no matter what color is paired with what color it all seem to look great, right? I hold this same philosophy with home painting and redecorating. Go with what you love. There that is it. The reason my home design works for me because it is what I want and what I like. The same will hold true for you.

With some many different paint colors and wallpapers design, you will always find something that fits you.

How to work with a small budget

A small budget is never been a problem. Many of the things in my home that has doubled as furniture’s and things were things that I salvage or they were given to me. You just have to have an eye for repurposing. On the other hand, have a friend or something that does.

Take my desk for instance. Yes, the very one I am typing this on. It was once a bamboo curio, you know one of those things that folks put their dishes and things in. Well I was using it as a bookshelf but did not like the way it looked and the space it took up. However, I still like the design and the overall look it has, so I decided to cut it in half and make a desktop for it. Now it is a beautiful custom office desk. That is just plain gorgeous. It is one of my favorited pieces in my house.


When it comes to home decorating and furnishing the only limitation is your imagination. Really, the sky is the limit. If you do something that, you do not as if you can always paint over it or give it away.

Do not put restrictions where there is no need for them.